Leverage Your Accounts Receivables in Alberta with Invoice Factoring


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Individual Invoice Financing Available

Freight & Logistics

Many owner operators in the trucking industry sub-contract their trucks and drivers to larger logistics companies. Payments come months after delivery schedules are already met. Financing your invoices can provide a leg up to support your business needs and expenses.

Government Contracts

If you provide contracting services to government organizations or municipalities, typical accounts receivable terms are net 60 or 90 days. Our lender can help close the gap between completed work and the cash flow needed to continue growing your business.


Are you sub-contracting your team and services to larger corporations for elaborate and complex construction projects? Get paid today, so you can ensure you and your staff stay ahead of day to day operations, while your client pays later.

Oil & Gas

There are plenty of contractors providing their services to the oil and gas industry, sub-contracting for some of the biggest names in the energy sector. Everything from pipe fitting to fluid hauling, no matter the service, if you need access to cash your aging accounts can be leveraged.


Are you an exporter, shipping product internationally? We can help finance your invoices too. Get paid faster so you can maintain liquidity and grow your business.

Invoice Factoring in Alberta. How Does it Work?

Traditionally, invoice factoring companies would need a commitment from you for all of your aging accounts with all your debtors. In most cases you would also need to provide some kind of security, like a personal guarantee. Our invoice factoring partner company defers from the competition because there are NO CONTRACTS, NO PERSONAL GUARANTEES OR SECURITIES, and YOU CHOOSE each individual invoice you would like to factor. Once your debtor is vetted by the lender, you will be able to select which invoices you would like to gain immediate access to capital from. This applies whether you have a single debtor or multiple. The control and flexibility is in your hands. Submitting an invoice is done online, for which you will be funded 80% of it’s value up front, minus fees. The factoring interest rate is compounded monthly, until collection is completed. Once the invoice is paid in full, the remaining 20% will be funded to your business.


Complete an application form and provide supporting documentation.


Your customer will be reviewed, vetted and approved in advance.


Your customer verifies their invoices for payment via e-invoice portal.


You choose individual invoices for immediate funding, and get paid now while your customer pays at a later date.


Your customer completes payment into a designated account in your company's name, on the due date.

How Much Does it Cost?

  • 2% origination fee for the initial set up. This amount is deducted from the first funding deposit.
  • Factoring interest rates are compounded monthly. The first month is also deducted from the initial funding deposit.
  • The interest rates are dependent on the credit worthiness of your debtors and can vary between them. With that said, invoice factoring rates can be as low as 1.6%
  • The best way to determine the interest rate is to apply. There is NO RISK and NO COMMITMENT. You will be made aware of your rates once your debtor is reviewed and approved.