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Our Mission

Summit Lending is a loan originating agency. When you go to a traditional banking institution, the agent you are dealing with is bound by the wheel house that their bank works within. The loan officer will typically put the banks interests ahead of your own. At Summit Lending, we do not work for the bank. We work for you, the business owner. Our goal is to help you secure the lowest cost of borrowing for any type of business loan in Alberta. We leverage our relationships with banks and alternative lenders to explore the best way to fund your business needs for financing. Whether you are looking for a long term solution for revolving credit lines, or an alternative method to obtain immediate access to cash, we can help identify various funding strategies specific to your situation and needs. We make it our mission to develop a strong relationship with our clients. The more we help you achieve success, the more success we will see ourselves. Tell us your story! How can we help you succeed today?